High Desert Amateur Radio Club of NM


WAMO stands for Worked All Members Once. One of the benefits of being an active member of the HDARC is you have a WAMO number. The purpose of WAMO is to inspire members to talk with each other on the air and exchange WAMO numbers. You should keep a log of contacts and with every 20 contacts send the log to the WAMO Coordinator to receive an achievement certificate as well as induction here on the The Wall of Fame.

The WAMO program continues to grow.  The Wednesday evening WAMO net is now at 6:30 pm on the club’s UHF repeater 442.750+ PL 162.2 and cross banded on VHF simplex of 146.46.   There is also a WAMO net that follows the Saturday Club Net.  Remember WAMO stands for Worked All Members Only or Once.  The WAMO program intends to foster radio communications between the membership.  Each active member is issued a WAMO number and your goal is to exchange that number with as many members as possible.  Keep a log of your contacts and with every 20 contacts you will receive a certificate of achievement.  Congratulations to Bob Longoria N5JH and Rich Torino K2RWT for recently achieving their 20 WAMO certificates and Kenneth Ham, AG5UY for his 40 WAMO certificate.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you tonight at 6:30pm for the WAMO net.

CLICK HERE for the Latest WAMO List.
for a list of all HDARC members and their WAMO numbers.

WAMO Coordinator is David Ham; n6sik@arrl.net

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Wednesday: 7 PM Local
Early Check-Ins 6:45 PM Local

Club Reperter:
442.750 + 162.2 Hz PL