High Desert Amateur Radio Club of NM

Membership Information

Current Annual Dues for 2020

Licensed Primary Members: $25
Licensed Family Member:
Auxiliary Member - unlicensed family member:
Senior Members - 80 or more Years Old:

A ONE Year FREE membership is granted to Hams who pass their first licensing exam with the HDARC VE Group.

Applying for Membership

Complete the application form available below for new members, renewals and for Data corrections.

CLICK HERE for a HDARC Application Form.

Are you thinking of joining the ARRL or are you an ARRL member and need to RENEW your membership?

We invite you to RENEW or APPLY for your ARRL membership through HDARC. In this way, your membership counts toward our status as a Special Service Club.

When your ARRL renewal/membership application is sent to ARRL by HDARC, a small portion of your ARRL dues goes to our treasury.

CLICK HERE for ARRL Application Form, please fill out this form, print it and mail to the HDARC.

CLICK HERE for the Club Roster.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the letter from the IRS regarding our Non-Profit status

Club Activities

1. Programs at Monthly Meetings
Now Done on Zoom

* Introduction to New Modes
* Updates on HR Programs
* Technical Issues Explained
* Fellowship and Donuts

2. Club Repeaters
* Sandia Crest 442.75 (+) PL 162.2
NE Heights: 442.200 (+) PL 67.0
NE Heights: 224.48 (-) PL 100.0
and IRLP Node #3285

3. Ham Radio Activites
* Duke City Hamfest
* Balloon Fiesta
* Explora Museum
* Outback New Mexico
* Nuclear Science Museum
* Support for School S.T.E.M. Days

Any Club member may use the club's zoom account for club related business or socializing.

All that's needed is to request a time slot from the club's president, David Ham
n6sik@arrl.net.  The president will make the arrangements and you can use the account.  Any Questions? Contact David at n6sik@arrl.net.