High Desert Amateur Radio Club of NM

Slide Show Presentations
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Copies of Presentations Made at Our Club Meetings are available here, with permission from the author.
CLICK HERE for the Presentation, "How to Make Packet and FM Voice Contacts through the ISS".
CLICK HERE for its video presentation.
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CLICK HERE for the presentation on "How to Make Contacts through FM Satellites".
History of Radio and The Hams that Developed It
by Donna L. Halper, PhD
Associate Professor of Communication & Media Studies
Lesley University, Cambridge MA

What Is Ham Radio? - by Ed Poccia, KC2LM
Introduction into many aspects of Ham Radio

D-Star: Find Out What It Is!

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CLICK HERE to Link to Bob Longoria's D-Star Presentation

JS8 by Ed Poccia, KC2LM
A "chat" mode with the robustness of FT8.
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SSTV by Ed Poccia, KC2LM
Ham Radio's visual mode
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HTs by Ed Poccia, KC2LM
Learn all the Things You Can do with a HT.

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D-Star Presentation by Bob Longoria, N5JH
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SDR- Software Defined Radios
By Gerry Jurrens, N2GJ
  • Features that simply have never been implemented in traditional hardware-based rigs are making their way into common use. _____________________________________________________________________
Operating in the HF Digital World
by Jim Kajder, AF5FH
Learn How to Set-Up and Operate FT8, JT65, PSK31 & RTTY
Grounding, Bonding, & Safety by Bill Mader, K8TE
Longer Lives for You and Your Equipment.

CLICK HERE to Link to the YouTube Video

Ham Radios Orphan Modes - The slide show presentation details Ham Radio's underutilized modes, Access to User Groups and free downloadable software can be found within this presentation.
In Case of Emergency - Details the actions Hams should take when handling an Emergency.
AM Radio DXing
How Far Can AM Broadcast Stations Reach
Part #1
Part #2

Packet Radio by Ed Poccia, KC2LM Learn How to Operate HF & VHF Packet Radio Messaging.


Slide Shows

Most presentations are
"How To.." slide shows detailing how to get started with a mode that you thought you'd like to try but didn't know how to get started.

History of Radio

What is Ham Radio - Step One

D-Star w/Bob Longoria

JS8 - A Chat Mode

SSTV - Ham Radio Video

HTs - and what they can do

D-Star - Exciting Capability

SDR - New Features for HR

HF Digital Modes - FT8, RTTY, PSK

Grounding & Bonding

Packet Radio

Packet & FM Voice Thru ISS