High DesertAmateur Radio Club of NM

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View the images captured during our ham radio adventures.

HDARC in Action - The HDARC demonstrating ham out and about in NM

Outback New Mexico - View our sojourns into scenic operation sites throughout New Mexico

Field Day - The HDARC has been participating at different Field Day sites.

The Duke City Hamfest - Our large table displays offer a chance for visitors to discover many different aspects of Ham Radio. We usually have an HF station in operation throughout the Hamfest.

Balloon Fiesta - Ten days of Balloon Fiesta, when it is held, will have HDARC & the Caravan Club operating HF & VHF stations at Balloon Fiesta Par. One activity that has been a particularly popular is taking images around the Balloon Field and sending them over the air using SSTV software.

ISS SSTV Images captured by out members.