High Desert Amateur Radio Club

Additional Nets

Nets in Albuquerque

New Mexico Mega-Link System
About 30 repeaters are linked together so you should be able to communicate with any ham in NM from any where in NM. Please wait 2-3 seconds after you engage the transmitter before you speak so as to allow the repeaters to link up.

New Mexico Nets - An Interactive Calendar with details about the HF & VHF Nets in New Mexico.

Vintage Equipment Operator's Net - 3.840 LSB All are welcome, you do to have use vintage gear.
Saturday 9:45 Mountain Time

Boat Anchor Nets, Times & Frequencies

Usefulness of Nets

New Mexico has a rich diversity of nets that:

* Support special interests

* Provide a means for emergency communication training

* Provide sites that allow clubs to meet on-the-air

* Enhance ham radio fellowship

* Allows for have fun On-the-Air