High Desert Amateur Radio Club of NM

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Photos by Ed Poccia & Bill Firth

It is hoped that this web page will serve as a useful resource for the amateur radio community.

The High Desert Amateur Radio Club is recognized as an active and talented group of amateurs who have been involved in:
* two
ARISS school contacts,

* demonstrations during the
Balloon Fiesta, Images

S.T.E.M. education in the schools,

* the sponsoring of
local contests
Sample Contest Announcement
2 Meter Contest Results
6 meter Contest Results

* administrators of
License (VE) Testing monthly

Outback New Mexico: performing ham radio outdoors at some of the most scenic sites in the State. Images

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Repts., Nets & More

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Club Repeaters
Sandia Crest 442.75 (+) PL 162.2
NE Heights: 442.200(+) PL 67.0
NE Heights: 224.48 (-) PL 100.0
IRLP Node #3285
Club Round Table Meeting
145.33 - PL 100, Saturday 10 AM
444.0 (+) PL 100.0

(Worked All Members Only)
Wed., 1830 local on the Club's UHF 442.750+ 162.2 & cross-band VHF 146.460 simplex no pl
License Exams
If you are ready to take an exam for a Ham Radio License OR an upgrade to a new level of license, please Email Jim Kajder: jkajder@gmail.com for appointment details.
Popular Local Nets

Senior Citizen & Travelers
Everyone is Welcome
145.33 (-) PL 100.0
Mon.-Sat.: 7 - 8 AM

Rusty Raiders' Net
Mon. - Fri. 8:45 - 10:45 AM
146.96 (-) PL 100.0
146.94 (-) PL 100.0
442.450(+) PL 67.0

ABQ Connection to NM Mega Link
145.29 (-) PL 100.0 Sandia Crest

www.NM5ML.com for all
Mega Link Locations in NM

Map of NM MEGA Link Repeaters
Club Mailing Address
5052 Mira Vista Drive NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87144

Club Email Address
New Members
Michael J. Chirin, KI5NBO
Robert Joseph Summerhill, KI5NBN
Nicholas Tarbox, W0NCT
Peter Coffin, KC5PBC
SSTV Images from the ISS
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Winter Field Day, Jan. 30th
Details, forthcoming.